Article 1.- Sands Beach Active by Sands Beach Resort and Deportes Insular Cabildo of Lanzarote are organize the Lanzarote International Marathon.

Article 2.- The Lanzarote International Marathon is open to all who wish to compete, provided they are 18 years old on the day of the race, although participants of 16 years and above can compete in the 10K race with the permission of parents or legal guardians.

The modalities will be as follows:

  • Marathon (42,195 metres)
  • Half Marathon (21,0975 metres)
  • 10,000 metres

Article 3.- Registration must be completed online via the following website:, or in person on the premises of Sands Beach Resort in Costa Teguise. In addition registration is available in retail outlets connected with Sands Beach Resort at different fairs and events throughout the year.

The registration will close on the 01st December 2018.

All registrations out the period have a penalty 20% extra charge.

The organization reserves the right to close registration when deemed necessary, as well as the right of entry.

Article 4.- Participants can change categories until November 27th. Changing to a category with a higher fee will mean that the participant pays the difference in price.When changing to a lower priced category, the participant will not be entitled to a refund.

The race chip will be handed exclusively to the participant on presentation of their passport or identity card, at Sands Beach Resort, located on Avenue Canary Islands, 18-35508 Costa Teguise – Teguise – Lanzarote – Las Palmas Canary Islands Spain.

Should participants be unable to collect this in person, they may appoint a third party to collect it on their behalf, ca providing them with a signed authorization and the necessary (photocopy of ID and confirmation email) documentation.

The race is controlled by the Organisation’s Committee of Judges.

Timing mats are positioned at various points along the route. Only those participants who wear the official race number and use the race chip provided by the Organisation, and which has been registered in the timing system, will appear in the official race results. It is therefore the responsibility of the participant to verify that the chip is in correct working order at the timing stand present at the race number pick-up point.

The timing system of the Lanzarote International Marathon is compatible with the MyLaps system. No chips other than those provided by the Organization will be accepted.

Article 5.- Registrations are not refundable or transferable.

Article 6.- The age categories of the Lanzarote International Marathon,for all athletes, whether federated or not, are as follows:

  • Senior : 16 – 34 y.o.
  • Veteran A: 35 – 39 y.o.
  • Veteran B: 40 – 44 y.o.
  • Veteran C: 45 – 49 y.o.
  • Veteran D: 50 – 54 y.o.
  • Veteran E: 55 – 59 y.o.
  • Veteran F: 60 – 64 y.o.
  • Veteran G: 65 – 69 y.o.
  • Veteran H : More than 70 y.o.

* A participant’s entry into an age group is determined by their age on race day.

Article 7.- Time limit is six hours from the start of the first race, and time check points will be established according to this timetable. Any participant who has not go through the check points in the allocated time will be automatically disqualified.

Article 8.- The ranking is determined as follows:


  • Overall men and women.
    • Trophy and prize money for the first 3 men and women..
  • Finisher’s medal for everyone who completes the race.

Half Marathon:

  • Overall men and women.
    • Trophy and prize money for the first 3 men and women.
  • Finisher’s medal for everyone who completes the race.

10 Km

  • Overall men and women.
    • Trophy and prize money for the first 3 men and women.
  • Finisher’s medal for everyone who completes the race.

Special “conejero”

  • Overall men and women in marathon
    • First man and first woman born in Lanzarote, although they do not reside on the island.

Age categories

  • Overall men and women in marathon, half marathon and 10KM
    • Trophy for the first finisher

All trophies not collected on the day of the race, will be available to participants at Sands Beach Resort (Avenue Canary Islands, 18-35508 Costa Teguise – Teguise – Lanzarote – Las Palmas Canary Islands Spain) until 15 December 2019. After this date the trophies will no longer be available.

All awards and trophies are cumulatives.

Article 9.- To qualify for the special residents prize you will need to have specified your Lanzarote residency at the time of event registration. To claim the prize you will be required to present your ID card or residence certificate for verification.

Article 10.- Cash prizes are as follows:

Men’s and Women’s Marathon

  • First.- €500
  • Second.- €400
  • Third.- €300

Men’s and Women’s Half Marathon

  • First.- €400
  • Second.- €300
  • Third.- €200

Men’s and Women’s 10Km Marathon

  • First.- €300
  • Second.- €200
  • Third.- €100

Men’s and Women’s Wheelchair Marathon

  • First.- €300
  • Second.- €200
  • Third.- €100

*The winners must be present at the awards ceremony, get on the podium and make the official photos, otherwise they will lose the right to collect the prize money "

The cash prize will be handed to the winner, who must present their ID or passport upon collection. No prizes will be given to third parties.

To receive all prizes and trophies it will be necessary to have been in the podium during the ceremony of awards and trophies.

All prizes stated above are gross values before tax, which will be deducted at the time of collection.

Awards and trophies are cumulative.

Article 11.- Race numbers are personal and non-transferable, and must beworn on the chest without creasing or folding. Failure to observe this rule will result in disqualification.

Participants who are not registered or are not wearing their designated race number will not be allowed to race, and will be denied access to the race in in order to preserve the rights of those participants who have complied with the Organisation’s rules and regulations. Unauthorised vehicles will not be allowed access in the interests of participant safety.

The Organisation and race judges reserve the right to disqualify any participant who infringes the rules and regulations set out in this document. This includes running either without a race number or one that is damaged, distorted and / or when a race number has been transferred to another participant, altering the personal information supplied to the Organization or Judge in relation to what appears on your ID or national records, inability to finish the race, appearing to be in a poor physical condition, failing to provide the documentation required by the Organization, or being in breach of any other requirements stated in the Rules and IAAF RFEA.

It is strictly forbidden to throw bottles, glasses and / or other used containers out of the garbage during the celebration of the event. Failure to comply with this rule may result in immediate disqualification of the participant.

Disqualified participants will not be eligible to win awards and trophies.

Article 12.- The course will be marked in kilometres. Several aid stations are positioned along the route

Article 13.- The health and ambulance services will be coordinated by the Organisation’s medical team, in line with to the Event Emergency and Safety plan.

All registered participant are required to complete the required information on the back of the race number, name, surname, emergency telephone number, relevant medical problems (allergy, specific conditions, etc.) or if receiving any specific treatment, as well as their blood group..

Article 14.- The only vehicles authorised to follow the race will be designated by the Organisation. It is strictly forbidden for motorcycles, bike, skateboarders or any other wheeled vehicle to follow the participants. Local Police and the Civil Guard will remove any vehicles from the circuit to avoid accidents.

Article 15.- During the event participants will not be able to use headphones, carts, costumes, pets, sticks or any element that makes it difficult to attend to the security elements or other participants.

Article 16.- The Organisation accepts no responsibility for injury or damages incurred during this event or complaints related to post-race massages or services, injury or damage caused to third parties, as such incidents are covered by the Accident and Liability Insurance associated with this sporting event..

Article 17.- Claims must be made verbally to the Referee no later than 30 minutes after the results are officially announced by race officials.

Article 18.- By the mere act of registering, the participant declares knowledge of and accepts the Regulations and the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. Should any doubts arise the Organisation's regulations will prevail.

Disclaimer of Responsibility and Data Protection Policy

By the mere fact of registering, the participant declares: “I am in a state of optimal health to participate in the Lanzarote International Marathon. In addition, I discharge any liability to the Organization, sponsors or other participating institutions from any accident or injury that may occur before, during and/or after this sporting event, and from this moment onwards I renounce any legal action against any such related entity.

During the course of the competition I will endeavour to help the Organization as much as possible to avoid personal accident. I also authorize the Organization to use pictures, videos and any other audiovisual material which may include the publication of my name on the event results list in the media and / or Internet, without expecting any payment, compensation or payment for this item.

Article 19.- By enrolling in the Lanzarote International Marathon participants give their consent to Sands Beach Resort, themselves or through third parties, to automatically use their personal data exclusively for sports related, promotional or commercial purposes,

According to Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th, of the Protection of Personal Data, participants can exercise their rights of access, cancellation, rectification or opposition by writing to the following address: (Avenida Canary Islands, 18-35508 Costa Teguise – Teguise – Lanzarote The Palmas – Canary Islands Spain) indicating the reference: “Data Protection” and including an accompanying document proving their identity as well as a copy of their passport.

Therefore, in the interests of the sport, the promotion, distribution and the successful outcome of Lanzarote International Marathon for all (Publishing of event photographs, results lists, etc.) on any device (Internet, advertising, etc.) for an unlimited period, the registered participant explicitly gives the organization the right to include their name, the place obtained in the overall rankings and participant category, their image and sporting achievements or records.

The organization reserves the right to make any changes to these rules if deemed necessary and any changes will be communicated both on the website and in the athlete information material. .

Article 20.- Should any unfortunate force majeure events prevent the race from going ahead, neither the Organisation or it’s employees will be held responsible for potential claims or compensation. . Events of force majeure include, but are not limited to the following: fire, tremors, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, avalanches, floods, hurricanes, storms, extreme weather conditions, explosions, unforeseeable events, conflicts, wars, terrorist acts, sabotage, civil commotion, lockouts, uncontrollable delays in transportation, strikes, inability to obtain, despite having pre-arranged, adequate facilities for the transport of materials, equipment and service facilities as well as authorisations, approvals and cargo licences by the competent authorities; or any other factor that puts the participants or the general public at risk , whether or not stated in the above mentioned list, that are beyond reasonable control and could not be foreseen or, if they were foreseen, could not be avoided.

FINAL CONSIDERATION: Any considerations not covered by these Regulations shall be governed by the General Competition Rules of the Canarian Athletics Federation, RFEA, IAAF, valid for the current season.