Lanzarote International Marathon has its celebration just in front of Sands Beach Resort, a four star Resort with private beach and access to the sea. Sands Beach Resort, in addition to the traditional facilities of accommodation, has all the sports facilities so that participants do not miss an opportunity to continue their training. Active sport, entertainment for the whole family and a high level sporting event, what are you waiting for more information?

Official accommodation in front of Lanzarote Marathon

Facing the Expo

Meeting Point activities and trainings

Sports facilities

Shop specializing in high-level sports brands

Sports Resort with private beach and direct access to public beach

The Los Zocos Impressive resort, formerly known as Los Zocos Club Resort, is known for its spaciousness and subtropical gardens, as well as for its wide range of leisure and relaxation services. Our rooms adapt perfectly to your needs. We offer excellent cuisine and other services including sporting activities and night shows. All this makes Los Zocos Impressive the perfect destination for an unforgettable family holiday or romantic getaway. 

Official accommodation just 200m of Lanzarote Marathon

Very close to the Expo

Sports facilities